Fostering Love Rescues

is an animal sanctuary that primarily adopts rescued, lame horses and other hoofed animals to provide a loving and safe environment through the end of life. We also are home to farm bound canines and felines at risk of homelessness.


Our mission is to cultivate and foster empathy by connecting humankind with

animals, inspiring and uplifting others through compassionate acts, and creating

a more humane world.


We believe that no animal should endure a life of pain, suffering, abandonment, or neglect. We promote an animal-friendly approach to life and work to inspire a more compassionate lifestyle through exposure and community outreach programs.

Animal Sanctuary

Our wonderful partners and members of our community inform us of specific animals at risk of homelessness. When we have the space and can help give them the best care possible, animals are then accepted as residents. We are not currently licensed as a shelter so do not adopt out to others.


Our model allows animals to focus on companionship-building skills, socialization, and gaining trust through empathy and compassion as they recover from illness, predisposed behaviors, and transition to a life of stability and routine.

*At this time, we are currently reconstructing our onsite engagement programs. Consider enrolling for email updates to be directly contacted with events and opportunities!

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As a non-profit 501c3, every singe dollar of proceeds go to the direct care of the animals. Donations have allowed us to provide safe living conditions, training, nourishment, vet care, and so much more! Because we primarily take elderly and lame horses, those vet bills add up fast! , Providing the resources to put their best hoof/paw forward takes supplies, time, patience, one on one care, and organization!

Donate using Zeffy, to make a one-time donation now or set up a reoccurring donation for as little as $5.00 a month!

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Percentage donations are a great way to support our sanctuary mission too!

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We have so many ways for people of all ages and abilities to volunteer. We love to empower people in their gifts, so if you have an extraordinary idea of how to get involved, we encourage you to get in touch! Below, are some of the ways you can make a difference!

To begin the onboarding process, please submit your volunteer form below. You can also self-schedule what days and times are best for you, using sign up genius!

In Person ; Temporary on hold

From Home:

  • Animal care and grounds maintenance
  • Play therapy, equine and canine walking, and enrichment
  • Upgrading sanctuary spaces
  • Bathing, brushing, and grooming
  • Event participation
  • Fundraising preparation
  • Create online media with our design team
  • Donate/find new or used items for the animals
  • Social media promoting
  • Advocate on behalf of Fostering Love Rescues
  • Event preparation and promotion
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3833 Lorraine Rd, Larkspur, CO 80118

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Fostering Love Rescues is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

Meet the Crew

Mollie Bell


Mollie is a passionate believer in cooperation with a desire to leave the world a better place. She is a committed vegan and lover of animals who believes wholeheartedly that no animal deserves to suffer at the hands of humankind.

Besides her work as a founder of Fostering Love Rescues, Mollie serves in the role of Chief Development Officer for Ent Credit Union. Mollie has worked on behalf of credit unions, otherwise known as financial cooperatives owned by their members, since 2007. Mollie served in executive positions ranging from strategic project portfolio management to industry-wide engagement. Mollie is a thought-leader for transformation, leadership development, and culture.

Prior to her experience in the credit union industry, Mollie held roles as an attorney, consultant, teacher, and business owner. She earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence from the University of Texas School of Law in 2001 and a Bachelor of Business Administration at Lamar University in 1992.


Executive Director

Elise is a born and raised Coloradan from the foothills of Golden. From a young age she always had a heart for animals. Rather than choosing story books in the elementary library she was the kid that went straight to the animal biology textbooks. By the time she was 10 years-old, bringing home strays and orphaned wild rabbits for rehabilitation was a regular occurrence.

Elise has a wide variety of past jobs varying from the food industry, massage industry, beauty industry and was an employment specialist for adults with disabilities before the pandemic. She then found her passion for rescues in becoming a dog groomer in a boarding facility which branched into becoming a small self run business owner of a mobile grooming company with focus on XL dog breeds and sensitive pets of all kind. She began working with Fostering Love Rescues in May of 2022 and has vowed to be the voice for all animals she comes in contact with in both her professional, and personal life. She loves organizing fundraisers and making new connections far and near. When Elise is not at the sanctuary or traveling to groom big, dirty pups, she enjoys spending time with her sisters, three dogs and husband escaping the city for camping and road trips with family and friends!


Animal Caretaker

Animals have been a part of Chris's life for as long as he can remember. Growing up on a farm, he learned how to care for horses, mules, and donkeys early on. Working dogs had always been a big part of Chris's life though he had never had one living in his home. Before finding Fostering Love Rescues, he was a truck driver, grounds keeper, and bounced around learning new skills everywhere he went!

While assisting in care for our first foster puppy, a 3-month-old German Shepard, Chris experienced true companionship between a man and a dog. Yoshi is now a permanent, horse care assistant, and our ambassador for fostering empathy and changing life as we know it.

When Chris is not repairing fences, walking dogs, feeding and cleaning up after our equines, and taking care of all things sanctuary... he enjoys spending quality time with his family.

Chris has been with us for going on 2 years and we don't know what we would do without him! His knowledge of equines, motivation in grounds improvement, and attention to detail in animal care set him apart. He is a true caretaker at heart and that doesn't stop at animals. We are grateful to be able to call him family!

Mike Bress


One of Mike’s earliest dreams was having a house with lots of rooms, each dedicated to a different animal - dogs, cats, horses, elephants (he was too young to understand square footage), lions (on a different floor than the elephants, of course). That quickly morphed into wanting to be a business executive (a la Alex P. Keaton), but he always kept a huge place in his heart for animals. When Mollie had a vision for building an organization dedicated to an animal-friendly lifestyle, he jumped right in, realizing that there is little in this world that is as powerful as an animal’s unconditional love.

Besides his work as a founder of Fostering Love Rescues, Mike serves as Chief Financial Officer for small to mid-sized business clients in Colorado and Wisconsin, and has spent his career helping organizations make sense out of data and financial information. He has held senior-level financial roles for 20 years (mostly in financial services and healthcare) and is happiest when neck-deep in an Excel model. We don’t hold that against him.

Much like his wife, Mike has had varied roles - ice cream slinger/frozen yogurt pourer, tennis club manager, submarine officer, consultant, financial expert, and entrepreneur. He earned his Master of Business Administration from Georgetown University Business School in 1996 and a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Pennsylvania in 1990.

Knowledge is powerful

We encourage promoting education in the community. This National Geographic article raises awareness of the devastating outcomes for horses that have been sent to the foreign meat industry. This touches us especially because several of our equines we now call family, had barely dodged the pipeline. Sharing information with our families, friends, and neighbors is how movements are started, laws are changed, and animals are given the care and love the deserve.

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Mollie’s Corner

Navigating through finding ingredients that have not been genetically modified has led to her passion for research on many commonly used household items being cruelly and unnecessarily tested on animals.

For recipes converted from her Southern-style upbringing as well as insight into living a plant-based lifestyle, be ready to follow the heart of our mission in her own personal journey!

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